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Use of water heater
After taking a shower at night, if there is still half of the hot water at nearly 70°C in the water heater tank, in order to prevent excessive heat loss (the less water, the faster the heat loss), the amount of water should be determined according to the water temperature forecast. Tomorrow is sunny, full of water; rainy day, 2/3 of the water.
The influence of the development of engineering plastics on the electrical appliance industry
The electrical industry is mainly engaged in the production of power generation, power transmission and distribution, industrial electrical equipment and special electrical equipment and other products. So far, electricity has always been the main energy source for modern industrial development, and it has also played an important role in social and economic development. Since the reform and opening up, power construction has been put into development. According to relevant data, in 2008, my country's power construction investment was as high as more than 500 billion yuan, and power grid construction accounted for more than 50%.
Contrasting the prospects of the electrical appliance industry
A large number of data show that plastic materials have long become one of the leading materials for the manufacture of electrical products. The electrical industry, which is closely related to plastic materials, mainly produces products such as transformers, wires and cables, high and low voltage electrical appliances and complete sets of switchgear,
Simple testing method for the quality of household appliances
In the early stage of development of the home appliance industry, most professionals advocated quality first. With the advent of the new era, many developed countries have changed their concepts, paid more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and advocated the sustainable development of the ecological environment.
How to clean the solar water heater
When the water in the water tank is completely drained, hold each vacuum tube back and forth with both hands, loosen the sealing ring on the vacuum tube and the water tank, and push it into the water tank. When the bottom of the vacuum tube can be removed from the fixed base, pull the vacuum tube out of the water tank; take the water out of the vacuum tube and pour it out, so that the scale is poured out.
How to use solar water heaters
1. When taking a bath, if the water in the solar water heater has been used up and the person has not rinsed it, then you can put cold water for a few minutes, and use the principle of cold water sinking and hot water floating to push out the hot water in the vacuum tube. You can then take a shower.

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